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Digiti Sonus (손끝소리) (2012)
Digesting. MaxMSP. Fingerprint Sensor. Arduino / 프로세싱. MaxMSP. 지문센서 original parajumpers zeppelin edition . 아듀이노 보드

Simple Summary connected with Project
Digiti Sonus is definitely interactive fingerprint sonification or even interactive good installation which transforms human's fingerprints directly into musical good. The idea should be to allow market to explore their very own identities via unique good generated through their fingerprint patterns determined by algorithmic computing plus a physical system parajumpers zeppelin edition . The seized sound is actually looped in addition to harmonized by using other fingerprint sound so the result is often a real moment experimental music to be a representation connected with intergrated individual identities in addition to societal transmission.

Project criteria
Every biologic organism carries a unique entire body pattern. Among the many patterns, parajumpers blouson passportman . fingerprints will be the most exclusive visual styles in individual and primates' body frames. There tend to be only very few graphical collection patterns in body such since wrinkles connected with hand. elbow parajumpers zeppelin edition cheap . in addition to knee parajumpers zeppelin edition . in addition to palm outlines. Rather approach others. fingerprints will be the only appears recognizable patterns that may be manipulated in addition to saved into great amount of repository. Because in the clarity in addition to uniqueness. fingerprints are actually widely utilised for private identification get parajumpers zeppelin edition . Within this digital period. many computer system machines in addition to digital interfaces work with fingerprints since secure tips and having access to identify private information. Fingerprint identification belongs to the most essential biometric technology has drawn excellent amount connected with attention parajumpers zeppelin edition .

I think fingerprints will be the most user-friendly and successful resource to be able to represent peoples pure thoughts and individuality. There is actually no magic or filter to the fingerprint styles. Only that simple. spiral routine stays from the truth connected with human labor and birth. genes parajumpers zeppelin edition online . in addition to growth. The starting point of individual birth in addition to natural identifying of entire body itself are within this uncomplicated and teeny pattern afre the wedding of hands, parajumpers extra long jacket . the covered body component. Thus. fingerprint fantastic resource not alone for acquiring societal identities. nonetheless for checking out our internal parajumpers long bear 527 . unconscious. and genuine voice in the bodies parajumpers jacken outlet .

My latest works are actually exploring helpful results connected with transformation through natural styles to good in electronic digital platform. On the list of previous good examples is "Tree Happens to be. " which often investigates that comparison among the of course generated hardwood ring styles and artificially produced sound hardwood rings; Post captured urban soundscape in addition to transformed that waveform directly into spiral mode. Both hardwood rings present their several history. moment. and breathing space in control timeline styles. Fingerprint is a next venture of our on-going good pattern collection. "Digiti Sonus" may effectively provide my inspired context to the sonic routine and individuality parajumpers kodiak jacket 2012 .

“손끝소리”는 지문센서를 이용하여 관람객의 지문을 읽어들이고, parajumpers new anchorage man black . 실시간으로 그 지문의 형태를 분석하고 3D로 변환한다. 지문의 골의 높낮이에 따라 오디오 주파수값이 변화되고 parajumpers ny . 지문을 통한 음악재생의 시작점은 터치스크린으로 선택할 수 있다 parajumpers parka adirondack creme . 지문센서 옆에 위치한 원형의 터치스크린을 터치하면 그 부분에 해당되는 a 3d model 지문이미지가 파형을 그리며 주변으로 퍼지고. 그에 해당되는 주파수값과 진폭이 변화하며 소리가 재생된다. 또한. 지문의 융기점의 갯수와 위치값도 특정 주파수로 변환되어 재생된다. 무한한 가능성의 개수와 조합을 갖고 있는 지문의 소리화와 그 미묘한 변화. 그 모든 것의 시작점과 마침점 또한 관람객의 존재이다. 관람객의 몸은 하나의 음원이자 소리매개체이며. 작곡자이자 지휘자가 되며 소리를 조절한다 parajumpers zeppelin edition .

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