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Records For September 2013
Nearly all you own asked. it's true it’s in this article. -)

Jerry Clark and also the documentation team are actually hard at the job getting that updated builder guide along. There’s lord stuff within here round the new UI in addition to APIs within 7 online parajumpers extra long jacket . these kinds of as…

Expect a lot more examples in addition to content that they are coming. and definitely i want to know just how it appears to be and what ideas you need from the comments down below.

I found a good post today the location where the gang through Urdhva support showcased the way to take any created e mail template. and after that parse the many template variables in buying it in order to have any view in the completed e mail to mail out.

Let’s say the template you need to parse out…

Then you can use any script this way to place the format. the bean. and merge in every the issues.

<. php $template_name = 'Greetings through Urdhva-tech'; require_once('modules/EmailTemplates/EmailTemplate. php'); $template = fresh EmailTemplate(); $template->retrieve_by_string_fields(array('name' => $template_name. 'type'=>'email')); $oContact = fresh Contact(); $oContact->retrieve("36CharacterContactID"); //Contact NAME //Parse Matter If most people used varied in matter $template->subject = $template->parse_template_bean($template->subject. $oContact->module_dir parajumpers extra long jacket . $oContact); //Parse Entire body HTML $template->body_html = $template->parse_template_bean($template->body_html. $oContact->module_dir. $oContact); //Here you should have a end result print "

"; print_r(from_html($template->body_html));

This will provide you with the email that could be sent parajumpers extra long jacket find . Thanks for any folks from Urdhva tech because of this tip.

Pondered someone internally explain a good tool to work with today whenever doing net services message or calls with snuggle called jq. What and also is solve the condition of coping with ugly JSON productivity from these kinds of calls. instead parsing the idea to better looking and much more readable productivity.

Let’s have a look at why, parajumpers store location . Suppose I’m carrying out a call to receive an entry token. the snuggle call would certainly look such as this.

€ curl -k -X PLACE -d '"grant_type"."password"."username"."user"."password"."pass"."client_id"."sugar"."client_secret" parajumpers extra long jacket .""."platform"."base" ' -s https. //sugarinstance/rest/v10/oauth2/token "access_token"."32763956-dd8a-cdd4-5f96-523bd39ead30"."expires_in".3600."token_type"."bearer"."scope", parajumpers light long bear new parka .null."refresh_token"."34adee37-6c0e-2635-7459-523bd3b559ac"."refresh_expires_in".1209600."download_token"."34cafa16-8ab6-8a2f-b74b-523bd372bdff" $

As possible see official parajumpers extra long jacket . it’s very difficult to learn the JSON productivity parajumpers extra long jacket . Now. let’s tube it via jq in addition to see that difference.

€ curl -k -X PLACE -d '"grant_type"."password" parajumpers extra long jacket genuine ."username"."user", buy parajumpers usa ."password"."pass"."client_id"."sugar"."client_secret"."" parajumpers kodiak jacket 2012 ."platform"."base" ' -s https. //sugarinstance/rest/v10/oauth2/token | jq no. ' "download_token". "9fcef234-fa8d-1581-2959-523bd21c086a". "refresh_expires_in". 1209600 parajumpers ny . "refresh_token". "9fb999bd-ef1c-d7d8-87f8-523bd258b8bb". "scope". null. "token_type". "bearer" parajumpers parka adirondack creme . "expires_in". 3600. "access_token". "9c9f6b81-ef27-9726-d4f8-523bd2ba231e" $

€ curl -k -X PLACE -d '"grant_type"."password"."username"."user"."password"."pass"."client_id"."sugar"."client_secret".""."platform" parajumpers zeppelin edition ."base" ' -s https. //sugarinstance/rest/v10/oauth2/token | jq no. access_token' "b325831b-da79-cf0b-3d67-523bd2d0b175" €

I appeared to be digging thru online Services records and found quite a handy way for getting exported reviews as Ebooks. This could be very useful with regard to doing produced scheduled reports which might be proceeded by any middleware workflow device. giving you methods to grab that report from Sugar in addition to send the idea to whomever might call for it. Or even parajumpers jassen amsterdam . have produced reports on auto-pilot get uploaded into a document retailer for permanent data backup purposes.

Here’s any code case in point. based to the v4_1 API. on how to begin this. Come backside tomorrow to check out how to begin this with the brand new Web Products API within Sugar 6th parajumpers extra long jacket . 7 in addition to later.