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Can you like this specific design. 您喜欢这花样吗.
He or she is an recreational tennis participant, parajumpers long bear chenille . 他是业余网球运动员。

Perhaps you have entered your own name for virtually every of case. 你报名参加什么比赛项目了吗.

Sports make one's body strong find parajumpers 2010 . 运动健体。

They withdrew in the competition. 他们退出比赛。

The pastime is already signed for 8:30 each day. 球赛定于上午八点半举行。

The activity was preset for right now but many experts have postponed for any week. 比赛原定于今天举行,现已推迟一周。

Taking work outs is a method of maintaining slim. 参加运动是保持身材苗条的一个办法。

What number of entries do you have for that high bounce. 有多少人报名参加跳高比赛了.

Several men and women went set for the competition. 好几个人参加比赛。

The contest shall be stayed from the gymnasium parajumpers 2010 . 比赛将在体育馆举行。

The fresh swimmer has established a fresh record for any back cerebrovascular accident. 那位年轻运动员创下了仰泳新纪录。

He made an excellent score within track in addition to field situations. 他在田径赛中取得了好成绩。

The online players tried to stay themselves within good design. 运动员们努力保持良好的竞技状态。

That tug-of-war lost when together teams tumbled. 拔河赛因两队跌倒而结束。

A: Post haven't experienced much training lately. My simply recreation continues to be watching TELEVISION SET or gonna the movie channels. What can you do with regard to recreation.

B: I'm keen on to perform tennis from the summer. Our favorite wintertime sport is actually skiing. What exactly is yours.

A: Our favorite activity is trail. Have a person ever been for a track crew.

B: Absolutely no parajumpers 2010 finder . In college, I used to be on that swimming crew. A: I really do not swim quite definitely. However, I would like to sit down and sea food. Do you love to go doing some fishing.

B: Certainly — oh yea all this consider exercise offers made me personally tired. Let's look at the movie channels.


Excellent morning,sir. Would you like to obtain something in this article. 早安,先生。您想在这里买东西吗.

Excellent morning,sir. Can one help a person. 早安,先生。买东西吗 parajumpers 2010 .

May I enable you to. 您买东西吗.

What can one do available for you. 您想买什么.

Anything I'll do available for you. 您想买什么.

Do you think you're being put on your plate. 有人在招呼您了吗.

Can one be connected with any assistance to your account, parajumper light long bear coat . 您想买什么东西吗.

Can I assist you in any approach. 您想买什么东西吗 cheap parajumpers 2010 , parajumpers sale women .

Can you sell…. 你们卖……吗.

Post prefer……我喜欢……

I would like to see…我想看看……

I would like to buy…我想买……

I am looking for…,我想买……

Carry me…,please. 请给我拿……

Is it possible show me…. 可以把……给我看看吗.

Could I take a glance at… parajumpers 2010 . 给我看看……可以吗.

What material can you prefer parajumpers 2010 online . 您喜欢什么料子的.

What size can you want(take). 您要(买)多大尺寸的 parajumpers kodiak xs .

Just what size,please. 请问要多大尺寸.

What kind of … searching for parajumpers men sale . 您要买哪种…….

What style can you prefer. 您喜欢什么式样.

Are these okay. 这些行吗 parajumpers long bear down jacket .

Can you like this specific design. 您喜欢这花样吗.

Virtually any particular colour. 要什么颜色的.

Can one get you everthing else. 还要买别的什么吗.

Can there be anything in addition I may explain to you. 还有什么要买的吗.

Can there be anything else you need to obtain parajumpers jassen dames online . 您还有什么要买的吗.

What can one show a person. 您要买什么.

What kind want. 您想买什么样的.

Think about this one particular. 这个怎么样 parajumpers the long bear down parka .

How's this place. 这个怎么样.

I possibly could recommend something available for you. 我可以向您推荐一种货品。

It's of excellent parajumpers 2010 . 这是优质品。

It is the latest fashions,very famous. 这是最新款式,非常流行。.