In order to facilitate, enable and promote pan - Scottish research collaborations and to strengthen the Scottish civil engineering research base within a national and international context, the National Telford Institute (NTI) funds Advanced Research Workshops and sponsors/co-sponsors externally-organised specialist scientific meetings.

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20/10/2008 - 21/10/2008 Advanced Research Workshop:Energy from Offshore Wind - The Next North Sea Oil; Individual and Integrated Approaches Research
10/12/2008 - 10/12/2008 Advanced Research Workshop: New Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics (Structure-Soil Interaction) Research
23/03/2009 Advanced Research Workshop: Travel Demand Management, March 2009 Research
02/04/2009 - 03/04/2009 Advanced Research Workshop: Sustainable Urban Water Management Research
12 - 13 May 2009 Advanced Research Workshop: Developments in Sonic and Radar NDT of Infrastucture Research
05/10/2009-06/10/2009 Advanced Research Workshop: Advances in Flow, Density and Sediment Measurement Techniques in the Laboratory and the Field Research
16/11/2009-17/11/2009 Advanced Research Workshop: A Unified Framework for Performance-Based Structural Engineering under Exceptional Conditions Research
10/12/2009-11/11/2009 Advanced Research Workshop: Long-Term Behaviour of Concrete: Design and Validation Research
07/01/2010-08/01/2010 Advanced Research Workshop: Applied Sediment Dynamics-Scaling Issues in Fluvial, Estuarine & Coastal Research Research
12/01/2010 SUGN 1st Geotechnical Colloquium Research
24/02/2/2010 - 25/02/2010 Telford-SARF Aquaculture Orientation Workshop Research
03/06/2010 - 03/06/2010 Advanced Scoping Workshop:Construction Management Research
08/09/2010-09/09/2010 Inter-infrastructure Risks due to Natural Hazards Research
13/10/2010 - 13/10/2010 Mechanics and Micro-mechanics of Wood and Similar Materials Research
011/11/2010-02/11/2010 Scotland-Norway Symposium: Internal Waves Research
10/09/2012 - 10/09/2012 Civil Engineering in Nuclear R & D Research
23/10/2013-24/10/2013 “Wireless Sensor Networking and its Engineering Applications: New Directions in Measurement and Control Research
12/12/13 - 13/12/13 Anisotropic, heterogeneous and cellular materials: from micro-architecture to macro-level responses Research
19/05/2015-19/05/2015 Innovation Centre Workshop Research
03/06/2015 - 03/06/2015 Future Scottish Infrastructure Centre Research
22/09/2015 - 22/09/2015 “Shared Facilities for Infrastructure Research and Big Data Analysis” Research
19/05/2016-19/05/2016 International Forum on Novel Infrastructure Maintenance Strategies Research
16/03/2017 - 17/03/2017 Environmental Fluid Mechanics Workshop Research
22/02/2012- 22/02/2012 Emerging Trends in Bio-Engineering - The Role of Biofilms in Sustainable Environmental Engineering & Science Research